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Chimney Maintenance

Wilmington Chimney Sweep - Chimney Maintenance

Regular Maintenance Prevents Major Issues

Homeowners should have any repairs done as soon as possible after the issue is noticed. In most cases, it’s important to avoid using the fireplace until the repairs are done to prevent further issues that can be more costly to fix. Professionals can handle masonry repairs to ensure the chimney is structurally sound. They can also perform inspections for chimney leaks & waterproofing to ensure the chimney does not have issues that lead to water damage inside the home. Other services include Chimney Flue Repair, Chimney Flue Re-lining & Replacement, and creosote removal.

Over time, the mortar in masonry chimneys breaks down. In the short term this can lead to water leaks and eventual water damage in the home, especially if the water is able to leak into the walls of your home through the sides of the chimney. Besides the water damage, this will eventually cause structural failure. In between those two extremes is the possibility that if water can get in, smoke and carbon monoxide can get out, meaning both can spread into your home under your roof by escaping through cracks or fissures in the chimney. Besides giving water and smoke somewhere to go, rougher surfaces or fissures can cause excess creosote to form, which can lead to a chimney fire.

Another area of your chimney that can require maintenance is your chimney cap. A properly sized and installed chimney cap keeps water and animals out of your chimney. Without one, rain and animals can enter your fireplace through your chimney, leading to water or pest damage.

Our professional chimney sweeps are experienced in various forms of chimney maintenance. We know what to look for, and what things can cause larger problems down the road. Putting off chimney maintenance is usually a ticket to more expensive repairs down the road. Let us save you money by taking care of small problems today before they become big problems tomorrow.

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