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Chimney Inspection

Chimney Inspector
Chimney Inspection Levels

Level 1:
A Level 1 chimney inspection is the most common, and is the inspection level recommended on an annual basis to make sure everything is working as it should and creosote buildup is minimal.

Level 2:
A Level 2 chimney inspection is required when any changes have been made to the chimney system, such as conversion from one fuel type to another or repairs such as relining. This is a more in-depth inspection that takes longer and requires a closer look at all the interior parts of the chimney. In the US, a level 2 inspection is often required upon the sale or transfer of a property with a chimney.

Level 3:
A Level 3 chimney inspection is normally only performed when serious hazards are suspected or have been revealed by other inspections. After a chimney fire occurs, a level 3 inspection is recommended to ensure the entire system is safe to use and nothing has been compromised that would elevate the risk of a house fire or additional damage to the structure.

Chimney Inspections are a critical part of your chimney care, and are the only way to ensure that your chimney is safe to use. Without a chimney inspection, you risk a chimney fire which can spread undetected until it is too late. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, a chimney sweep should, at a minimum, perform a Level 1 Chimney Inspection annually. This is the most common of the 3 Safety Inspections and includes a visual inspection of the entire chimney and flue. The chimney sweep should inspect the interior and exterior of the chimney to determine if there is a buildup of dangerous creosote, if there is anything blocking the chimney, and if there is any other damage to the chimney which may cause a problem. When this is done once per year, homeowners can discover problems before they cause further issues, keeping your family safe and saving them money as they can be repaired before they become worse and more expensive to fix.

Qualified Professionals

The best way to address your chimney needs is by relying on qualified professionals to handle the work for you. A qualified professional will have the skills needed to effectively address your service needs. Regardless of how big or small your chimney or fireplace is, a qualified professional is trained to properly inspect it for you. When you are looking for someone who can inspect your chimney, it serves you best to rely on a qualified professional to do the job for you.

Hiring Wilmington Chimney Sweep

There are other service providers who you can rely on in Wilmington for your chimney service needs but we are the preferred service providers. Contact us and we will walk you through our entire process. You’ll feel confident about hiring us for your chimney inspection, as we take our time to get the job done right. You are assured of getting your money’s worth whenever you allow us to perform a comprehensive chimney inspection.

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