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Chimney Sweep in Wilmington

Wilmington Chimney Sweep - Fireplace

In the winter months, a nice fire in the fireplace can warm up the whole home and create a cozy atmosphere. A well-maintained chimney will allow you to enjoy all your fireplace has to offer safely and efficiently. Unfortunately, if the chimney isn’t in good shape, it can be incredibly dangerous, and there is a risk of a fire or smoke damage inside the home. Homeowners should have a local chimney sweep inspect and clean their chimney on a regular basis and understand how to care for the chimney to prevent major issues and keep their home and family safe.

We have helped hundreds of people in and around the Baltimore area. Allow us to assume total responsibility for your chimney needs from start to finish. When you do, you are sure to receive the best quality of chimney services. If you've been searching for a "chimney sweep near me", then look no further!

About Us

We have been operating our locally owned chimney sweep service for almost a decade in the greater Baltimore, MD area. With all the ways that we can help our customers with his or her chimney needs, we have quickly become the preferred and most widely used chimney sweep in the city. As the preferred chimney sweep in Baltimore, we have a reputation that we must live up to. Our customers benefit from our efforts to do so. Since we work with veterans of the industry, our customers are assured of receiving the quality of service they deserve.

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Our Services

Wilmington Chimney Sweep offers you the most efficient chimney services in town, which is why you should contact us for your chimney needs. Our experts have been in the business long enough to have acquired the expertise needed for the most challenging chimney services big or small. You will also receive the most affordable chimney services from us, which is just one of the many reasons that our chimney services are preferred to similar service providers in the Wilmington area. Whether you need a chimney flue replaced or a flue liner installed or are looking for chimney caps, we've got what you need.  Keep in mind that price isn't the only cost here. An improperly cleaned or repaired chimney can lead to smoke or water damage in the home that can cost thousands to repair or lead to a chimney fire. Chimney fires can often go undetected until the damage is already catastrophic. Whether you get your chimney services done by us or someone else, make sure that you get a reputable company certified to do the work properly.

Chimney Inspector

Chimney Inspection

We know that many households and businesses just want to enjoy a nice fire in their chimney on cold days, but experts agree that the safest way to enjoy your chimney is to have it inspected at least annually, and you can rely on our experts to give you a thorough inspection while not selling you things you don't need. A thorough chimney inspection will tell you if it is safe to use your chimney and it's working at peak efficiency, whether it's for a fireplace, wood-burning stove or furnace. We offer a variety of chimney inspection levels that match the 3 inspection levels described by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. A chimney inspection is required when buying or selling a home in most areas.

Wilmington Chimney Sweep - Chimney Sweep

Chimney Cleaning

Over time creosote can build up in your chimney, which can cause multiple problems from inadequate smoke exhaust to a chimney fire. The National Fire Protection Association recommends getting your chimney cleaned once a year if it is in regular use. Most people who use their chimneys on a regular basis will have a chimney cleaning done in conjunction with an inspection. If your chimney is not in regular annual use, then a chimney inspection will reveal whether or not a cleaning is required. With modern tools and techniques, a chimney cleaning will leave your chimney fresh and clean without having to worry about any mess in your home.

Wilmington Chimney Sweep - Chimney Maintenance

Chimney Maintenance

Chimneys are exposed to elements and face potential damage from both the inside and outside. On the inside, heat and combustion gases can cause damage over time or build up creosote. On the outside, water and weather degrade the outer surfaces over time. Brick and mortar chimneys eventually need to have their mortar repaired, as eventually the mortar can crumble and fail, allowing water damage inside your chimney where it can travel into surfaces under your roof causing hidden water damage. Many older chimneys never had a proper chimney cap, which can help keep water and animals out of your chimney.

Wilmington Chimney Sweep - 5 star review

“We knew we needed to get our chimney repaired because we had water leaking into our home so we decided to see what Wilmington Chimney Sweep could do. Much to our surprise, the repairs were hundreds less than what another chimney company told us. I would love to recommend this company’s chimney repair services to anyone who needs them.” – John J.

Wilmington Chimney Sweep - Swept Chimney
Wilmington Chimney Sweep - 5 star review

“I had a house in my old neighborhood go through a chimney fire and I didn't want to have the same problem in my new home so I contacted Wilmington Chimney Sweep to make sure that they could take care of it for me. I recommend this company’s chimney cleaning services to anyone moving into a new home.” – Gary T.

Wilmington Chimney Sweep - Clean Chimneys
Wilmington Chimney Sweep - 5 star review

“When we decided to start using our chimney after owning our home for a few years, we figured we would rely on Wilmington Chimney Sweep to get it ready for us. They did work some of my friends and they were so satisfied that there was no doubt about who we would use for our chimney.” – Arnold R.

Wilmington Chimney Sweep - Clean Chimneys

Chimney Repair

Eventually, all things break down and need repair. In the event a chimney inspection reveals damage that you need to have repaired, we have you covered. We have experience with many different kinds of chimneys in various configurations. From masonry repairs like mortar re-pointing to make sure your chimney is structurally sound to firebox repair or waterproofing, our experts know how to do it right as affordably as possible. We don't cut corners, while ensuring you only get the things done that you actually need. If you don't need a new chimney cap, we'll let you know instead of trying to sell you a new one. Get only the repairs you need, done right, and done on time.

Wilmington Chimney Sweep - Chimney Repair

Fireplace Installation

If you need to install a fireplace, fireplace insert, wood-burning stove or pellet stove or get one replaced, we have what you need. Our experts can make sure you get the right stove or fireplace that meets your needs and your budget. We've installed fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, and pellet stoves in hundreds of homes in the Baltimore area. We can help you decide on which one is best for you and why. If you've always wanted a fireplace, let us make that dream a reality with a quality, affordable fireplace installation. Trust the experts to take good care of you and your home.

Wilmington Chimney Sweep - Fireplace Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you clean your chimney yourself?
Not really, no.  You can buy products that you burn in your fireplace that claim to clean out creosote, but they can really only clean out a little bit of surface creosote.  You can use them occasionally throughout the burning season to try to reduce the buildup, but they are not a substitute for an annual cleaning to keep your chimney safe from a chimney fire.

2. What can we repair?
We have specialists that can repair just about anything reated to fireplaces and chimneys.  We can repoint mortar, we can replace chimney caps, we can reline your flue, can can repalce broken dampers and more.  Our inspectors can tell you what needs to be replaced to get your chimney working safely.

3. What makes us the best chimney cleaners in Wilmington?
Three things:  Our people, the quality of our work, and our customer service.  We have highly trained technicians who are all certified to work on all types of chimneys.  We instill a drive to do things right the first time, and we refuse to accept low quality work or materials that won't hold up over time.  Your safety is our priority, and any shoddy work or faulty parts put you and your home at risk, so we just don't accept anything but the best.  We will explain everything about your chimney to you so you understand exactly what we're doing and why so there's no guesswork.  That's why people say we're the best chimney cleaners in the Wilmington area!

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With so many chimney service providers in the northern Delaware area who offer similar services to those that we offer at Wilmington Chimney Sweep, it might be challenging deciding who you will hire to perform the work. To ensure that you get what you are paying for, rely on us. We are the most reputable, reliable, and affordable chimney sweep in the Wilmington area. There has to be some reason why we are the preferred chimney sweep and the only way for you to find out is by allowing us to attend to your service needs, big or small. Don’t waste your time calling around trying to find someone who can do the work for you when we are just a phone call away. We’ll come to your aid immediately. Contact us today!